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Through-Life Engineering Services (TES) Technology Strategy for the UK Aerospace Sector

The ATI’s Through-Life Engineering Services Technology Strategy identifies the opportunities of transitioning to TES, and the technologies and capabilities required to enable the transition. Using insights gathered from the sector, the ATI has created a framework for understanding the technologies and capabilities required to deliver potential service offerings.




INSIGHT_04 – Economic Impact of UK Aerospace Industrial Strategy

In INSIGHT_04 the focus is on the Economics of Aerospace. The publication will look at the economic impact of UK aerospace industrial strategy, and how Government investment in aerospace is making a real difference. The ATI analysis summarised in this paper shows that sustaining current levels of support to aerospace industrial strategy could return around £114 billion to the UK economy over the next 20 years and create and secure an additional 95,000 jobs by 2035.




INSIGHT_03 – Emerging Technologies in Commercial Aircraft Systems

This INSIGHT looks at the emerging technologies that will feature in future  commercial aircraft systems. Energy storage will continue to be increasingly important as hybrid systems deliver whole aircraft level benefits that rely on dependable and high capacity energy storage solutions. Intelligent systems deploying System-on-Chip, multi-core processors or safety critical software will be essential for securing and growing UK systems capability in aerospace. And cyber security strategies for aerospace need to be clearly harnessed to ensure that disruptive technologies such as artificial intelligence can begin to be safely deployed in relevant applications.


INSIGHT_02 – Emerging Technologies for Propulsion

Our second INSIGHT focuses on the emerging technologies that will impact next-generation propulsion. More electric technologies are clearly a key focus for current and planned R&T projects. Thermal technologies are increasingly important in aerospace architectures as new concepts create increasingly demanding thermal loads with reducing opportunities for conventional heat dissipation. Noise is a specific target, driven in the nearer term by local environmental concerns. Emissions targets may also drive change in low smoke-producing combustion systems.

INSIGHT_01 – Digital Transformation

In this first issue of ATI’s INSIGHT, we focus on Digital Transformation. The paper explores the potential for digital transformation in aerospace, and examines the maturity of the UK aerospace sector’s digital capability. It has been informed by surveys of, and interviews with, industry leaders (both internal and external to the sector) conducted by the ATI. Most aerospace organisations surveyed are embedding digital technologies, but principally to deliver incremental efficiency and productivity improvements. Many are not considering the potential to change business models. In this regard, aerospace is following – but it could be leading.

ATI Market Outlook 2016 - front cover

ATI Civil Aircraft Market Opportunity Outlook 2016

The ATI maintains a market aligned technology strategy based on a view of potential future aircraft development opportunities over the next 20 years. Building on the Institute’s first UK aerospace technology strategy and market opportunity outlook, published in July 2015, the ATI’s Civil Aircraft Market Opportunity Outlook 2016 provides an update on market trend and market-technology roadmaps to help UK companies appreciate future opportunities in the global aerospace market, and specifically the technological implications of these.

The ATI Civil Aircraft Market Opportunity Outlook 2016 is a restricted document. If you work within UK aerospace and would like to request a copy, please complete the restricted document form.


Raising Ambition for UK Industrial Strategy (November 2016)

This report, produced by the ATI and Fathom Consulting, looks at the role of innovation in addressing the decline of UK productivity. It points to four key areas in which targeted Government intervention can have the most impact: levels of investment in research & development (R&D); boosting competitiveness; support for mid-sized companies; and enhancing infrastructure, clusters and skills.

The report suggests UK aerospace as a model for how strategic Government investment in innovation can bring a new focus to an industrial sector.

You can download the document here.

ATI Raising Ambition - Technology Strategy and Portfolio Cover

Technology Strategy & Portfolio Update (July 2016)

Building on the Institute’s first UK aerospace technology strategy, published in July 2015, the Technology Strategy & Portfolio Update 2016 provides additional insight into the ambitious long-term plan to maximise the UK’s share of the global commercial aircraft market. It brings further clarity to the technology imperatives facing UK aerospace and the measures needed to tackle them.

You can download the document here:


Investing In UK Aerospace (July 2015)

The strategy is backed by an independently commissioned report by Fathom Consulting: ‘How Government can make a difference: the potential impact of the ATI on the UK economy’Fathom Consulting is an independent macro research consultancy – which focuses on the relationship between macroeconomics and a variety of industrial sectors and markets. Fathom has clients in financial markets, government and industry, in Europe, North America and Asia. Fathom understands the global economy and has expertise in regions such as the UK, US and China, and sectors such as property, pensions, aerospace and energy.

Building Momentum for UK Aerospace

Building Momentum (February 2015)

Find out how the institute is building momentum for the future.

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