Aerospace Technology & Innovation Awards

Celebrating the individuals, teams and organisations trailblazing answers to the biggest challenges facing our sector today.

Congratulations to the winners of the Aerospace Technology & Innovation Awards 2023!

Innovation Award

TISICS has developed the world’s largest metal composite component for civil aircraft. Its pioneering technology addresses key gaps in advanced metal composite maturity and demonstrates a powerful solution for decarbonising aviation – achieving double the specific stiffness of 300M steel at 50% mass. When applied to the landing gear across wide-body aircraft fleets, this could reduce CO2 emissions by 9 million tonnes per year.

Making the Difference Award

Impression Technologies is leading the concept of a “second life for aircraft seats”, with sustainability built into the design process. Its project has shown that designing from the outset with circularity in mind can bring truly innovative products to market without compromise on what the aviation seat industry demands; weight, cost, style, comfort and responsible solutions.

ATI Project of the Year Award

The first successful tests of the Rolls-Royce UltraFan engine was a significant moment. It is an innovation that delivers a step change in what is possible – an engine that is 25% more fuel efficient than the first generation of Trent engines. UltraFan's success is absolutely critical for the future of the aircraft engine industry in the UK and gives the UK a significant advantage in the global market.

Team Award

The consortium led by Highlands & Islands Airport reflects expert representation across technology, regulation and policy, plus a range of affiliated stakeholders including local authorities and regional development agencies.

There was a clear need to establish the partnership, which will improve regional connectivity to support remote and rural communities.

ATI Hub Breakthrough Award

WAAM3D is a growth stage startup with the potential to transform the adoption of additive manufacturing in aerospace.

Their innovation in large-scale metal additive manufacturing is an end-to-end solution covering computer aided manufacturing, machine and process control, and post-build data analytics.

Shaping the Future Award

Ultima Forma is developing technology that will be essential for the future adoption of hydrogen as an aircraft fuel. Their electroforming processes can manufacture continuous metal structures without joins, allowing the containment of hydrogen in gaseous and liquid forms. It is a process with a low-carbon footprint enabling engineering of innovative lightweight hydrogen storage and distribution solutions.