The government’s statement concerning Horizon 2020

The Strategy

The Aerospace Technology Institute is a game changing initiative to strengthen and grow the UK’s aerospace sector, safeguarding future jobs and economic contribution through substantial investment in technologies and capabilities.

Central to our values and a core principle of our strategy is a commitment to providing sustainable impact for UK plc, including how we develop the institute itself, leverage its capabilities, work with the sector and lead the investment of the funding.

We also believe that unlocking the full potential of the sector requires industry to find new ways and opportunities to collaborate and partner in the development of technology. In addition to the significant funding commitment, we also see potential for the Aerospace Technology Institute to support the sector directly by addressing specific technical and strategic capability gaps and helping it to exploit common themes and objectives through collaboration.

We are tackling our challenge through a strategy formed of two distinct but interacting strands


Providing technology leadership and maximising economic impact, for UK aerospace.

A market-aligned technology strategy outlines the priority areas of technology research focus, aligned to anticipated future market needs and opportunities. This is complemented by a decision making approach “Drive for impact” that focuses on maximising the economic impact of funding and ensuring advantages are embedded in the UK.


Becoming a value-adding member of the aerospace community, convening strategic partnerships and elevating the UK’s international profile. In this context, we are focused on three strategic themes:

1. “Build for impact”: to build an institute capable of effectively leading technology investment, developing valuable strategic insight and representing the sector

2. “Unlock new value”: focusing on valuable ways to work with the sector and across the supply chain beyond technology investment, leveraging the institute’s capabilities and position for industry’s benefit

3. “Raise the profile”: raising the profile of UK aerospace, within the UK and internationally to improve access to global opportunities and secure future sources of investment