Here you can find the presentations given at ATI-hosted events and ATI presentations that have been given at other events.

We are very grateful to the people who have allowed us to share their presentations. Please note that any information contained in these presentations is the copyright of the author, and the author’s permission must be sought before using that material.


D3 – 25.06.2018 – Blockchain

Presentation 1 by John R Hall – ATOS – Download Here

Presentation 2 by John R Hall – ATOS – Download Here

Presentation by Robert Learney – Digital Catapult – Download Here

D3 – 08.05.2018 – Electrification in Aerospace

Presentation by Nick Sills – Contra Electric Propulsions Ltd – Download Here

Presentation by James Ferranti – Denis Ferranti Group – Download Here

Presentation by Ian Whiting – AGM Batteries – Download Here

ATI Conference 2017: Realising Ambition

Plenary Sessions

Professor Philip Nelson_EPSRC – Powerpoint Show – Click to download

Breakout Sessions

Will be added once approved by presenters.