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Funding Streams

ATI Programme

The ATI works in partnership with the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) and Innovate UK to offer funding streams designed to accelerate innovation in the UK to maintain global competitiveness.

The ATI Programme is open to consortia formed from different types and sizes of organisations. Consortia can be formed between industry, academia and research organisations.

The four funding streams are explained below.

Important: All applicants must adhere to the published guidance for the ATI Programme. General Guidance for Applicants defines the requirements specific to the programme, covering submission of project proposals to the ATI, Innovate UK and BEIS. It is essential that all applicants read this document before embarking on the development of a proposal to ensure a thorough understanding of the end-to-end process and at what point to engage with each organisation. All applicants must also sign the ATI’s Framework Agreement before submitting proposals; the ATI publishes an updated list of organisations that have signed the Framework Agreement. Industrial partners should read the guide to Industrial Contributions.

The Strategic Programme offers four competitive funding batches per year. It is a comprehensive 2-stage assessment process suited to larger programmes typically accessing grants in excess of £1 million.

Your project must align with the UK Aerospace Technology Strategy.

Stage 1 requires applicants to complete an Expression of Interest (EOI) on the Innovation Funding Service portal. You will first need to create an account. The EOI will be assessed by the ATI.

Successful EOIs will be invited to Stage 2 to complete a Full Application, also via the Innovation Funding Service portal. Once submitted, the Full Application will undergo ATI, BEIS and Innovate UK independent assessment in parallel. No further changes to the application are permitted once the submission deadline has passed.

Full Applications are assessed quarterly, in January, April, July and October.

All applicants must sign the ATI’s Framework Agreement before submitting proposals.

Key Dates

Stage 1 - Expression of Interest

Competition Open Close Notifications
April EOI Mon 6th April 2020 Wed 22nd April 2020 Monday 11th May 2020
May EOI Mon 4th May 2020 Wed 20th May 2020 Mon 8th June 2020
June EOI Mon 1st June 2020 Wed 17th June 2020 Mon 6th July 2020
July EOI Mon 6th July 2020 Wed 22nd July 2020 Mon 10th August 2020
August EOI Mon 3rd August 2020 Wed 19th August 2020 Mon 7th September 2020
September EOI Mon 7th September 2020 Wed 23rd September 2020 Mon 12th October 2020
October EOI Mon 5th October 2020 Wed 21st October 2020 Mon 9th November 2020
November EOI Mon 9th November 2020 Wed 25th November 2020 Mon 7th December 2020
December EOI Mon 7th December 2020 Wed 23rd December 2020 Mon 11th January 2021


Stage 2 - Full Application

Competition Open Close
Batch 31 Mon 4th November 2019 Wed 11th December 2019
Batch 32 Mon 17th February 2020 Wed 25th March 2020
Batch 33 Mon 25th May 2020 Wed 1st July 2020
Batch 34 Mon 31st August 2020 Wed 7th October 2020
Batch 35 Mon 30th November 2020 Wed 6th January 2021



It is possible for applicants to reach grant contract in 6 months, subject to the applicant achieving certain deadlines, meeting strategic requirements of the programme and offering excellent impact potential. Applicants should note that the funding process is competitive, and only the best applications will receive funding.

Applicants are encouraged to read the General Guidance for Applicants before applying.

All applicants must sign the ATI’s  Framework Agreement before submitting proposals.

Applications must be submitted through the  Innovation Funding Service website.

This funding stream will invest up to £8 million in research and technology projects to deliver world-leading aerospace technologies in the UK.

This call supports and encourages industrial investment into the aerospace sector and its supply chain, through the funding of innovative and high impact projects. These projects will demonstrate forward-looking and disruptive solutions to UK civil aerospace challenges.


Competition dates will appear here.

Your project must align with the UK Aerospace Technology Strategy.

General guidance for applicants and how to apply can be found on the Innovation Funding Service website.

The National Aerospace Technology Exploitation Programme (NATEP) is suited to smaller businesses and offers a maximum £150k grant for projects. As well as grant funding, the programme provides high calibre technical and management resource to help those companies accelerate the technology development towards market readiness.

NATEP Autumn 2020 call dates:

Open 6th April 2020

Close 20th May 2020

More information on how to apply can be found here.

UK-Sweden Call for Proposals for Joint R&D Projects

The UK and Sweden have announced a joint funding call for aerospace R&D projects under the EUREKA Network Projects programme.

Applicants are expected to develop project proposals which have strong market potential for the UK and Sweden.

Project results will have to contribute to the development of potential commercial products, applications and/or technology-based services in civil aerospace.

Please note that the open and close dates for the competition have changed, and the new dates are reflected here.


The full text of the UK-Sweden call can be found here.

Call opens: 27th April 2020

Call closes: 1st July 2020

Project proposals must demonstrate alignment to the respective national aerospace strategies of the applicants:

UK: Accelerating Ambition Technology Strategy 2019
Sweden: NRIA Flyg 2020 – the Swedish aeronautical research and innovation agenda

ATI Boeing Accelerator

The ATI Boeing Accelerator is a 3-month programme delivered in partnership with Ignite. It is suitable for software start-ups looking to scale their business within the aerospace sector - particularly for solutions focused on Industry 4.0 and sustainability-enabling technologies. It offers a £100k equity investment per start-up, first-hand access to Boeing and GKN Aerospace strategists and technical experts and much more.

To find out more, visit the website


The first cohort started the programme in January 2020.

Information on how to apply for cohort 2 will be posted here.