The Programme

The UK Aerospace Research & Technology (R&T) Programme represents a joint Government and industry investment to maintain and grow the UK’s competitive position in civil aerospace design and manufacture. It is addressing large-scale technology and capability challenges, principally over a rolling 5 to 15-year timeframe. The UK Aerospace R&T Programme provides grant funding up to 50% of total value of research projects, and up to 100% of total value of capital investment projects.

The programme is coordinated and managed by the Aerospace Technology Institute (ATI), the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) and Innovate UK. All three organisations work in close collaboration to deliver a coherent portfolio of projects to meet the objectives and priorities of the UK Aerospace Technology Strategy.

The ATI is responsible for developing the UK Aerospace Technology Strategy, supported by a network of advisory groups, and stimulating industry-led R&T projects that align with this strategy and maximise the potential to deliver UK economic benefit. The ATI provides strategic oversight of the R&T pipeline and portfolio, co-chairing the Strategic Review Committee with BEIS and advising on project investment.

The budget holder, BEIS, is accountable for the final decision regarding projects to progress and fund with Government resources, as well as performing Value for Money (VfM) assessment on project proposals when required.

Innovate UK is the delivery partner for the UK Aerospace R&T Programme, performing independent assessment of proposals, commercial management and downstream portfolio management, encompassing the monitoring of projects under contract.


Developing the ATI Strategic R&D Project Portfolio

The application process for UK Aerospace R&T Programme funding follows four major stages: Expression of Interest, Full Application, Assessment and Contracting.

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It is possible for applicants to reach grant contract in 6 months, subject to the applicant achieving certain deadlines, meeting strategic requirements of the programme and offering excellent impact potential. Applicants should note that the funding process is competitive, and only the best applications will receive funding.

Applications are created, assessed and managed on the Innovation Funding System (IFS) online portal.

Stage 1 requires applicants to complete an Expression of Interest (EOI) on IFS that is assessed by the ATI. Successful EOIs will be invited to Stage 2 to complete a Full Application also via the IFS portal. Once submitted, the Full Application will undergo ATI, BEIS and Innovate UK independent assessment in parallel.  No further changes to the application are permitted once the submission deadline has passed.

Full Applications are assessed quarterly, in January, April, July and October.

All applicants must sign the Institute’s Framework Agreement before submitting proposals.

Important links:

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Engaging with the ATI

Complementing the formal process, the ATI works closely with industry and consortia during proposal development and may act as the catalyst for entirely new R&T activity. The ATI’s objective is to maximise the impact of projects, both technical and economic.

Potential applicants wishing to engage the ATI to discuss potential projects can do so by contacting us using the form below.

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