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Keeping the UK at the forefront of the world’s aerospace design and manufacturing scene...

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The ATI has compiled a comprehensive database of testing facilities supporting UK research excellence.

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The Institute

The Institute Head-quartered in Cranfield is the hub for aerospace research & development.

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ATI programmes will nurture young engineers ensuring the UK maintains its wealth of world leading experts.

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The Aerospace Technology Institute

The Aerospace Technology Institute: An independent company established as a collaboration between Government and Industry to lead and challenge the UK’s Aerospace technology strategy and through £2 billion of secured R&T investment maintain and grow the UK’s competitive position.

The value of this industry cannot be overstated. The UK is Europe’s number one aerospace manufacturer, second only globally to the United States. The significant effect that this has on the national economy through profits and job creation, both directly and indirectly, underpins the importance of this industry. And it is an industry which is only set to grow; between now and 2030 there will be an estimated global demand for approximately 27,000 new passenger aircraft potentially worth up to $3.7 trillion. This figure alone signifies how vital the aerospace sector is to the UK.

For many years the UK has been a frontrunner in aircraft manufacturing and technological advances, a legacy that back many years. The UK’s success on current generations of aircraft relies heavily on the investment and work conducted developing advanced technologies in the 1970’s and 1980’s. This goes some way to giving an indication of how smart and efficient investment can reap long term benefits. The Aerospace Technology Institute is therefore endeavouring to maintain the UK’s world leading aircraft design and manufacturing capability.

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Airbus Defence and Space develops storable fuel upper-stage propulsion system

19 December 2014

Tests on the technology demonstrator have shown that the engine complies with all the requirements to substitute the existing variants that are in service, such as on the Vega rocket. Airbus Defence and Space systems engineer Torben Birck said: “We’ve proven that our ...

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