ATI Conference 2022


About this event

The theme of the ATI Conference 2022 is #DESTINATIONZERO. Join us on the journey to net zero as we explore the innovations and policies that will pave the way to sustainable aerospace. This event will attract around 400 leaders from government, industry, supply chain, academia and all those involved in shaping market-led technology strategies as we showcase UK capabilities and demonstrate the power of UK innovations and investments.

The conference will feature presentations and panel sessions with CEOs, CTOs and other leaders from across the sector – giving their insights into the key challenges and opportunities facing the sector  and sharing their vision for the next era of sustainable aviation. As with our previous conferences, the ATI Conference 2022 will address the most pressing issues for the UK aerospace sector. The agenda will include the environmental challenge, bridging the technology gap, the industrialisation challenge, what aerospace can learn from other sectors and the role of cross-sector partnerships, policy makers and influencers.

Watch this space for more information on the agenda, speakers, exhibitors and what to expect at the ATI Conference 2022.

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15 November, 2022 9:00 am

ATI Conference 2022

Join us on our journey towards net zero as we explore the innovations and share our findings that will pave the way to sustainable aerospace.


We know where we need to be, but how do we get there?

We challenge everyone attending ATI Conference 2022 to make sustainable aerospace a reality.

Be part of the conversation. Inspire the next generation.