ATI Toolkit

A suite of free-to-use online tools to support R&T in UK aerospace.

What is the ATI Toolkit?

The ATI Toolkit is a free-to-use digital platform that provides data to help the UK aerospace industry.

It contains tools which enable assessment of individual technologies at aircraft level, provide perspectives on markets and demand for aviation products until 2050 and reference models that allow UK industry to collaborate on IP neutral models.

Access the ATI Toolkit

You will need to register for access to the ATI Toolkit. Once registered, you will be able to access all of the tools listed below. Clicking here will take you to the ATI Toolkit external platform.

What tools are available?

Fixed Trade Calculator

This tool helps to quantify impact on fuel burn at the aircraft level of individual technologies.

It has been updated with two new aircraft refence models to allow users to demonstrate technology impact on future aircraft concepts as well as the 2015 standard models. Improvements have also been made to the user experience.

Market Model

The Market Model provides data on the global market to 2050 based on new aircraft deliveries. It also provides users with the ability to interrogate the global market through a product/systems breakdown perspective.

Use this to explore potential scenarios for market demand in the aerospace sector’s transition to low- and zero-carbon technologies and the economic opportunities these represent.

Reference Model Library

This contains models from the ATI which are tool-agnostic and allow data to be exchanged between parties on an IP-neutral basis.

Currently two aircraft reference models are uploaded, (SAFAM and WiFAM). They are single aisle and widebody aircraft concepts that are representative of an entry into service of 2035 based on the ATI’s technology projections.

Who is it for?

Anyone working in or contributing to UK aerospace.

Why is it useful?

Ahead of potential new aircraft platform launches it is vital to quantify the impact and interaction of new technologies at the platform level. The ATI has produced models and data that are indicative of current in-service and future aircraft. Releasing these on a free-to-use and tool agnostic format enables consortiums to share data more freely and help unlock maximum impact for the UK aerospace sector.

Account registration 

Upon completing registration, a verification link will be sent to the email address submitted. You must verify your email address from the link in the email before you can access the tool. In some instances, the verification email may take up to 2 hours to appear in your mailbox or may be diverted to your junk / spam folders.  

Help and contact us

The ATI Toolkit contains specific guidelines, FAQs and how-to guide documents for each tool and can be accessed once your account is approved. If you have any questions about the ATI Toolkit, please contact the team:
We also welcome your feedback which will be used to help improve these tools.