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Latest ATI Programme news

ATI Programme: Change of Funding Rates Batch 38 onwards

We have changed the funding rates for all industrial research projects applying to Batch 38 onwards. Grant funding will be capped at 60% of the total eligible project costs for all applications in the Strategic Programme.

In September 2020 we announced a relaxing of the previous restriction that each project’s total grant funding could not exceed 50% of the total eligible project costs for the ATI Programme. This was always intended to be a temporary measure to provide additional support to companies to mitigate the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and we committed to a review after one year.

We have introduced the new funding cap to achieve a better balance between incentivising collaboration, maintaining international competitiveness and achieving the best value for money. In making this decision we have considered the long-term certainty offered by the ATI Programme, which has recently been extended to 2030, and the level of demand from industry.

For further information please review our Funding FAQs.

ATI Framework Agreement – Important

All applicants to ATI Programme funding must sign the ATI’s Framework Agreement before submitting full-stage proposals – failure to do so will result in a failed application. This link will take you to our secure Adobe Sign page where you can read and sign the ATI Framework Agreement. Your digital signature will be reviewed by the ATI team and you will receive confirmation via email once the validation process is complete. Industrial partners should read the Guide to Industrial Contributions. Lead Partners should also ensure that they complete the Lead Partner Contact Form.

ATI Programme funding streams

Applicants are encouraged to read the Guidance for Applicants before applying to any of the below funding streams.  Applicants should note that the funding process is competitive, and only the best applications will receive funding.  Should you require assistance please get in touch with the funding team.

Strategic Programme

The Strategic Programme is a comprehensive 2-stage assessment process suited to larger programmes typically accessing grants in excess of £1 million.

Your project must align with the UK Aerospace Technology Strategy.

Stage 1 requires applicants to complete an Expression of Interest (EOI); the EOI is assessed by the ATI.

Successful EOIs will be invited to Stage 2 to complete a Full Application. Once submitted, the Full Application will undergo ATI, BEIS and Innovate UK independent assessment in parallel. No further changes to the application are permitted once the submission deadline has passed. Please note: all competition dates below are subject to change.

EOI Competition opens Monday 4th April 2022
Submission Date (EOI closes) Wednesday 27th April 2022
EOI Notifications Wednesday 25th May 2022
Batch 37 FSA competition opens Monday 30th May 2022
Batch 37 Submission Date (FSA closes) Wednesday 6th July 2022
Batch 37 notifications Friday From 9th September 2022


EOI Competition opens Monday 6th June 2022 4th July 2022 1st August 2022
Submission Date (EOI closes) Wednesday 22nd June 2022 20th July 2022 17th August 2022
EOI Notifications Tuesday 12th July 2022 9th August 2022 6th September 2022
Batch 38 FSA competition opens Tuesday 30th August 2022
Batch 38 Submission Date (FSA closes) Wednesday 5th October 2022
Batch 38 notifications Friday From 9th December 2022


All applicants must sign the ATI’s Framework Agreement before submitting proposals.

R&D Funding for Smaller Business

This call supports and encourages industrial investment into the aerospace sector and its supply chain, through the funding of innovative and high impact projects. These projects will demonstrate forward-looking and disruptive solutions to UK civil aerospace challenges.

The ATI Programme partners are keen to do more to encourage collaborative research for smaller businesses and will set out details of the next call later this year through the ATI website.


The National Aerospace Technology Exploitation Programme (NATEP) is suited to smaller businesses and offers a maximum project size of £300k. As well as grant funding, the programme provides high calibre technical and management resource to help those companies accelerate the technology development towards market readiness.

Spring Call 2022
Competition opens 4th April 2022
Competition closes 18th May 2022
Notifications 8th July 2022


Autumn Call 2022
Competition opens 14th November 2022
Competition closes 11th January 2023
Notifications March 2023


Spring Call 2023
Competition opens 27th March 2023
Competition closes 10th May 2023
Notifications July 2023


More information on how to apply can be found here.

How to apply

Guidance for applicants can be found on the UK Government website. Please also ensure you have read the relevant governance documents, which can be found in our Funding FAQs. EOIs and applications are submitted and processed through the Innovation Funding Service portal on the UK Government website.

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