Our technology strategy sets the direction for UK research programmes. Projects funded through the ATI Programme must align with the strategy.

Strategy Overview

Accelerating Ambition is the ATI’s technology strategy for UK aerospace. It builds on the UK’s strengths and responds to the challenges faced by the UK civil aerospace sector. It provides a roadmap of the innovation necessary to keep the UK competitive in the global aerospace market, and complements the broader strategy for the sector created by the Aerospace Growth Partnership (AGP). Projects funded through the ATI Programme must align with the strategy.

Our priority areas

Airbus in the sky


The UK must maintain world-class design, analysis, development and certification capabilities to deliver competitive high-value systems for current and emerging markets.


Propulsion and power

The UK aerospace industry can maintain world leadership in aircraft propulsion and power by developing the most efficient systems that lower environmental impact.



We must grow the UK’s capabilities in current and emerging high-value aircraft systems.



We must maintain the UK as a world leader in aerostructures, including design, integration, manufacture and assembly of the most efficient wings and other high-value structures.


Cross-cutting enablers

The UK should drive progress on important and broadly-applicable enabling technologies and capabilities, through collaboration across and beyond the sector.