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News | 13/05/2022

Accelerating progress to net zero – the importance of international collaboration

Collaborating with partners overseas is not a ‘nice to have’, it is essential.
News | 26/04/2022

Launching Destination Zero

Our new technology strategy for UK aerospace is launched today: Destination Zero.
News | 21/04/2022

The road to Farnborough

Sophie Lane illuminates the ATI's packed 2022 schedule, including our strategy launch, regional roadshows and Farnborough International Airshow.
News | 28/03/2022

FlyZero: An environment for innovation

The FlyZero team members were not only passionate about decarbonising aviation, they were also keen to deliver a comprehensive and game-changing set of final results in a short timeframe. Made
News | 24/03/2022

FlyZero: Sustainability Report

Emissions from the global fleet of aircraft have a complex impact on climate. Current aircraft use hydrocarbon fuels as their energy source; when combusted, these produce CO2 and water vapour,
News | 22/03/2022

FlyZero: Commercial and operations reports published

In 2019, aviation transported nearly 300 million people and over 2.5 million tonnes of goods into and out of the UK – valued at £77.5 billion gross value added (GVA)