Aerospace is a global industry.

The ATI’s international team supports the delivery of R&D opportunities for the UK aerospace sector through bilateral collaborations, international forums, and support for trade and investment initiatives.


Trade and investment

We believe in the world-leading capabilities of UK-based R&D, so both export, and inward investment, promotion is a core part of the ATI’s international programme. The ATI’s focus is on ensuring that the UK’s best technologies are showcased to a global audience, whilst also attracting the best, most innovative companies to the UK. We work closely with the Department for Business and Trade (DBT) to support trade missions and highlight investment opportunities.

Bilateral collaboration

International engagement is a key element of the UK aerospace technology strategy. International collaboration increases impact, resources, and capabilities, to address the global challenges that no single country can tackle alone. Through jointly funded bilateral calls, the ATI can maximise these opportunities, to benefit both UK aerospace and overall technological advancement. We work closely with our international counterparts to identify areas of potential, and future, collaboration, and ensure their promotion to UK-based industry.

International engagement

The ATI represents the interests of the UK aerospace R&D sector internationally through committees, working groups and forum participation. Alongside officials from British Government, the ATI has a presence in groups like ACARE, GARTEUR, RINGO, Clean Sky, ASD, and more.