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The reports published below form the conclusions of the FlyZero project and present a route to reality for a new generation of zero-carbon emission aircraft. Use the search and filter functions to find reports or browse below. Content from these open source reports may be accurately copied, reproduced or redistributed only if unedited, unaltered and clearly credited to the Aerospace Technology Institute and the document title specified.

Restricted reports

A series of more detailed and technical reports together with supporting research from industry and academia are available to organisations that meet the requirements of an access test. To find out more and request access please click below. The restricted reports content may not be shared outside the terms of its licence.

Academia, Flagship

FlyZero: Academic Programme Research Findings and Recommendations

How world-leading academic researchers across the UK supported the FlyZero project team in addressing some of the biggest challenges in realising zero-carbon emission flight.

Aircraft-concepts, Flagship

Zero-Carbon Emission Aircraft Concepts

FlyZero’s three concept aircraft – a regional, narrowbody and midsize - show that hydrogen-powered aircraft are technically feasible and could unlock one-stop zero-carbon emission global connectivity.

Airframe, Roadmaps, Technology

Aerodynamic Structures Roadmap

Potential timelines for high potential technologies that deliver fuel burn and aerodynamic performance improvements as well as airframe weight reductions.

Commercial, Industrial-strategy

FlyZero: The Case for the UK to Accelerate Zero-Carbon Emission Air Travel

The rapid introduction of liquid hydrogen-powered aircraft can eliminate carbon emissions, provide growth opportunities for UK aerospace and keep businesses connected without the carbon footprint.


Market Forecasts and Strategy

FlyZero’s Global Market Forecasts and Global Fleet Forecasts identify the commercial opportunities and competitiveness of zero carbon emissions (ZE) aircraft concepts and develop scenarios for the market penetration of ZE aircraft to truly decarbonise aviation.

Commercial, Roadmaps, Technology

Airports, Airlines, Airspace – Operations and Hydrogen Infrastructure

A vision for the future of liquid hydrogen enabled airports and airline operations, which is essential to realising zero-carbon emission commercial flight.


FlyZero: Innovation and Project Management

The ways of working across a one-of-a-kind project bringing experts from across UK aerospace and aviation together to explore the challenge of our generation: decarbonising flight.

Flagship, Sustainability

FlyZero: Sustainability Report

A summary of the environmental impact through the lifecycle of hydrogen-powered aircraft including material impacts, fuel production, in-flight emissions and global fleet impacts to 2060.


FlyZero: Our Vision For Zero-Carbon Emission Air Travel

The flagship report from the FlyZero project. Discover the conclusions and recommendations of FlyZero together with an overview of the 12-month UK government-backed programme.


FlyZero: Executive Summary

A top level summary of the FlyZero project, its conclusions and recommendations.

Flagship, Industrial-strategy, Roadmaps, Technology

FlyZero Technology Roadmaps

The 13 technology bricks required to enable hydrogen-powered flight including a technology roadmap for each brick, along with major findings and integration steps.

Industrial-strategy, Technology

UK Capability in Zero-Carbon Aircraft Technologies

The UK has world-leading capability in technologies critical to realising zero-carbon emission commercial flight and a new generation of hydrogen powered aircraft will require development of disruptive technology at pace.

Industrial-strategy, Roadmaps, Technology

Advanced Manufacturing

Manufacturing challenges and opportunities across the six FlyZero hydrogen technology bricks, with a focus on the challenges around tanks, light weighting of aerostructures and combustor manufacture.


Workforce to Deliver Liquid Hydrogen Powered Aircraft

A high-level view of the skills requirements and recommendations the UK to upskill and recruit the next generation of aerospace and aviation professionals.

Industrial-strategy, Roadmaps

Compressed Design and Validation – Culture and Digital Tools

How culture, technology and tools can reduce the time to market for hydrogen-powered aircraft and their components.

Industrial-strategy, Roadmaps, Technology

Advanced Materials

Key new materials technologies including high temperature superconducting materials and next generation semiconductors and the evolution of existing ones, such as magnetic materials and carbon fibre reinforced polymer technology.

Propulsion, Technology

Primary Energy Source Comparison and Selection

A fundamentals-based comparison of zero-carbon emission energy sources including hydrogen, ammonia and batteries.

Propulsion, Roadmaps

Electrical Propulsion Systems Roadmap

The potential timelines for the technologies required to make electrical propulsion viable for zero emission flight.

Propulsion, Roadmaps, Technology

Hydrogen Gas Turbines and Thrust Generation Roadmap

Timescales for the technologies required for zero-carbon emission propulsion covering the gas turbine, gas turbine combustor and thrust devices.

Roadmaps, Sustainability

Sustainable Cabin Design

The development of cabin sector practices, new products and technologies to target sustainability issues and support UK leadership in developing greener interiors.

Roadmaps, Sustainability

Lifecycle Impact

The future work needed from a sustainability perspective to bring the FlyZero vision to reality, not only through eliminating CO2, but also addressing non-CO2 emissions and material impacts.

Roadmaps, Technology

Fuel Cells Roadmap

The potential development timelines for proton exchange membrane or polymer electrolyte membrane (PEM) fuel cells for aviation applications.

Roadmaps, Technology

Cryogenic Hydrogen Fuel System and Storage Roadmap

The potential timelines for the technologies required to support liquid hydrogen as the fuel of the future for commercial aircraft.

Roadmaps, Technology

Thermal Management Roadmap

The heat exchanger technologies to enable zero-carbon emission liquid hydrogen powered flight in the 2030s.


Aircraft Systems

The challenges and opportunities for civil aircraft systems brought about by the unique characteristics of liquid hydrogen as an aviation fuel and the opportunities it presents for UK industry.