Roundtable: UK design, test and validation ecosystems to enable hydrogen and electric powered flight.

23 November, 2021 1:00 pm

The FlyZero project – led by the UK’s Aerospace Technology Institute – is working to develop roadmaps for technology bricks critical to realising zero carbon emission commercial flight.


A key challenge in the coming years will be testing the new technologies, aircraft and airport infrastructure that are critical to realising zero-carbon emissions hydrogen and electric powered flight.


Testing and simulation will be essential to proving the safety and reliability of these radical new technologies. It could also be a route to accelerating development and entry into service.


Test infrastructure could act as an anchor for aerospace – attracting companies to the UK.


In 2021, the Southwest Aerospace and Aviation Cluster put a positioning paper to government for a ‘Living Lab’ for aerospace and aviation where new decarbonisation technology can be created, tested, deployed, and commercialised.


It is proposed to hold a roundtable inviting senior representatives from across the UK to high priority actions for the UK.


  • To identify and prioritise the aircraft and airport test (verification and validation) challenges in developing hydrogen and electric powered aircraft.
  • To identify proposals / options for providing building this infrastructure in the UK.


This event will convene representatives from across the UK to discuss what capability the UK should invest in.


The event will be jointly hosted by the West of England Aerospace Forum and by the Aerospace Technology Institute.



1300-1330 Introductions

Colin Turner, WEAF

Mark Pacey, Chief Technologist FlyZero

1330-1415 Soapbox presentations (5 mins x 3)

1415-1530 Round table discussion

1530-1630 Open discussion – questions from the audience


Throughout the FlyZero project, the ATI will be collaborating with cluster bodies across different sectors and across the regions of the UK. Information on all up-and-coming FlyZero events can be found at:

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About FlyZero

Led by the Aerospace Technology Institute and backed by the UK government FlyZero is a one-of-a-kind research project aiming to realise zero-carbon emission commercial aviation by the end of the decade.


The intensive 12-month strategic research programme is bringing experts together from across the UK to conduct a detailed and holistic study of the design challenges, manufacturing demands, operational requirements and market opportunity of potential zero-carbon emission aircraft concepts.


By creating these aircraft concepts alongside industrial roadmaps, the economic case and a sustainability assessment, FlyZero is setting out to demonstrate how the intensive development and early adoption of advanced technologies will enable us to realise zero-carbon emission commercial aviation by 2030.


FlyZero will shape the future of global aviation with the intention of gearing up the UK to stand at the forefront of sustainable flight in design, manufacture, technology and skills for years to come.




23 November, 2021 1:00 pm


23 November, 2021 4:30 pm

The Organiser

ATI in partnership with WEAF