FlyZero outputs hub

Welcome to the FlyZero outputs hub, your gateway to the detailed reports from the ATI’s project investigating zero-carbon emission commercial flight.
Access to the detailed FlyZero outputs is restricted for legal reasons.

Access test criteria
During the application for access you will be asked to provide the following information to demonstrate your organisation’s eligibility:

  • Please explain your organisation’s potential to use the information available for the benefit of the UK economy, directly or indirectly; for example, through advising us of a direct or indirect connection to UK-based R&D operations or production base, or UK manufacturing or distribution.
  • Please explain how your organisation might be capable of exploiting the information. This could include for research, development or commercial purposes; for example, through advising us of your role in the aerospace sector or its supply chain.
  • Please explain how your organisation’s potential exploitation of the zero carbon aircraft technology research in the publications has the potential to contribute to the reduction of the emissions from commercial flight, directly or indirectly.

Requesting access
Access requests are submitted on behalf of your organisation, with one user per organisation granted access.
Once submitted, your request will be assessed against the eligibility criteria by a member of the Aerospace Technology Institute. If approved, you will then be contacted by email with details of how to access the platform – please also check your spam folders regularly.

License Agreement
When accessing the restricted documents you will be required to agree to the Licencing Agreement. Please ensure the person who requests access on behalf of your organisation has the authority to review and agree to the Licencing Agreement which contains details on how the information may be used.

Document management
We ask that you download your chosen reports and make them available to your organisation through your internal network.

If your organisation meets the criteria above, you can request access clicking the button below.