Non-CO2 Programme FAQs

About the Non-CO2 Programme

Who can apply to the Non-CO2 Programme?

This competition is open to any registered organisations in the UK looking to develop technology for the civil aerospace sector.

How many stages does this competition have?

This is a two stage-competition. The Outline Stage opens three times per calendar year and is assessed by the Aerospace Technology Institute (ATI) only. ATI will make recommendations to Department for Business and Trade (DBT). Based on ATI’s recommendation the DBT decides which projects proceed to the Full Stage Application. There is no funding in Stage 1. All funding will be awarded in Stage 2.

Only successful applicants from the Outline Stage will be invited to proceed to the Full Stage Application, which is assessed separately by Innovate UK (IUK), the ATI, and DBT. More details can be found in the competition brief and the Programme Guidance.

When can I apply to the Non-CO2 Programme?

Published competition dates can be found on the Non-CO2 Programme page.

Where is the funding for the Non-CO2 Programme from?

Funding for this competition will be awarded from the ATI Programme budget of £685m for 2023 to 2025 and an additional £975m for 2026 to 2030.

How can I check the eligibility of my proposed project costs?

All enquiries on subsidy control and the eligibility of enterprises and their proposed costs should be directed to Innovate UK Customer Support Services.


Telephone: 0300 321 4357 to speak to an advisor.

Will I need to sign the ATI Framework Agreement if I have already signed it?

No. If you have already signed the ATI Framework Agreement as part of a project in the Strategic Programme, you are not required to sign this again. However, if you have only signed the SME Programme Framework Agreement previously, you will need to sign the ATI Framework Agreement.

Will my project be subject to 2.5% industrial contribution to the ATI?

Applicants to this competition are required to pay an industrial contribution fee to the operating costs of the ATI. The industry contribution is fixed at 2.5% of the total grant per project. For more information on how the industrial contributions are calculated, please refer to the Aerospace Technology Institute Framework Agreement.

How can I submit to Full Stage Application (FSA) if I am successful at the Outline Stage?

FSA submissions are by invitation only. You will receive a submission link from IUK prior to the opening date of the upcoming FSA competition, following notification of a successful Outline Stage application from ATI.

What is the budget for the Non-CO2 Programme?

Our planning assumption is that grants totalling up to £17 million for the next 4 years (starting in 2024) will be allocated to successful projects. However, this is not a limit or target, and will depend on the number and the quality of applications received for all competition streams funded through the ATI Programme.

Can academia lead on Non-CO2 Programme projects?

No. Projects must be led by industrial organisations but can have academic organisations in their consortium.

Can animations and video be used in the presentation?

No. Videos and animations are considered additional materials and cannot form part of your presentation.

If successful at the Outline Stage, do we have to go for the next FSA or can we wait until our plans are refined?

If you are successful at the Outline Stage, you must submit to one of the two upcoming Full Stage Applications. Otherwise, you will need to resubmit to the Outline Stage.

Where can I find out more?

For all the details on the Non-CO2 Programme, visit our dedicated webpage here.

Before commencing your application, we recommend viewing the Non-CO2 Programme launch webinar from Thursday 18th April 2024 on YouTube. The slides from the webinar are available to download here.