Strategic Programme

The ATI's flagship funding programme enabling technology research and development for the benefit of the UK aerospace sector delivering clean growth.

About the Strategic Programme

The Strategic Programme offers funding for research and technology development in the UK to maintain and grow the UK’s competitive position in civil aerospace.

This programme is coordinated and managed by:

  • Department for Business and Trade
  • Innovate UK
  • Aerospace Technology Institute

Application Process

If unsuccessful, the EOI can be amended and resubmitted a further two times.

If unsuccessful, the FSA can be resubmitted to one of the next two strategic batches.

  1. Draft Expression of Interest

    Complete a draft Expression of Interest (EOI) to receive feedback from the ATI.

  2. ATI Framework Agreement

    Read and sign the ATI Framework Agreement, as early as possible but no later than 30 days after FSA Notification (Step 07).

  3. Expression of Interest

    Submit formal EOI on Innovation Funding Service (IFS) portal.

  4. EOI

    If successful, applicants will be invited to proceed to Stage 2.

  5. Draft Full Stage Application

    Complete a draft Full Stage Application (FSA) for feedback from the ATI.

  6. Full Stage Application

    Submit Full Stage Application. A link will be provided by Innovate UK.

  7. FSA

    Applicants receive notification of the funding decision.

  8. Proceed to Contracting

    Successful applicants sign the ATI Lead Partner Contact Form and proceed to Innovate UK's contracting stage.

ATI Framework Agreement – Important

All applicants to the ATI Strategic Programme must read and sign the ATI Framework Agreement. To avoid delays later in the process we recommend doing so as early as possible but it must be completed no later than 30 days after FSA Notification. This link will take you to our secure Adobe Sign page where you can read and sign the ATI Framework Agreement. Your digital signature will be reviewed by the ATI team and you will receive confirmation via email once the validation process is complete.

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Competition Dates

View the latest competition dates and deadlines for submissions.

Draft EOI

Complete an optional draft Expression of Interest (EOI) to receive feedback from the ATI.

Lead Partner Contact Form

After receiving notification of a successful application, lead partners must complete this form.

Industrial Contributions

Important information on Industrial Contributions to the running costs of the ATI.

Guidance for applicants

View the complete guidance on the UKRI website.


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