A new dawn for aviation is on the horizon

By fusing advanced technologies together to create a fleet of ground-breaking new aircraft concepts, FlyZero is defining a future for zero-carbon emission air travel.

Our development ‘scout’ aircraft models unveiled in our video launched today have enabled the FlyZero team to assess the capability of novel technologies which have the potential to propel the next generation of aircraft into our skies. By investigating how each scout aircraft meets requirements such as payload, range, speed, materials, economics, operations and non-CO2 emissions, we have identified the technologies with the greatest potential to eliminate carbon emissions from commercial aviation. 

In the next phases of FlyZero, the team of specialist engineers from across UK aerospace will use these findings to develop three aircraft concepts capable of meeting the needs of tomorrow’s aviation market. 

Alongside these concepts, FlyZero will set out the technology roadmaps and industrialisation requirements to make zero-carbon air travel a reality and how the UK can play a vital role. FlyZero will gear up the UK to stand at the forefront of sustainable flight in design, manufacture, technology and skills for years to come. 

Find out more about the technologies behind the next generation of commercial aircraft at our webinar at 3pm on Thursday 23 September 2021. To register free, click here.