ATI comms • 22.07.20 • 1 min read

Airspace 2050: Three Futures

The ATI has today released a new publication aimed at providing the UK aerospace industry with fresh perspectives on the future of air travel.

Airspace 2050: Three Futures contains three alternative scenarios which might play out around the year 2050.

These are challenging but plausible futures. They are not predictions, but envision potential outcomes arising from the call to action on climate change, from technological disruption and geopolitical change, from burdens put upon the regulatory system, and from changing demographics and attitudes. They are based on unclear and unknown factors, risks, events, and uncertainties. They may or may not materialise; or they may materialise substantially differently. They are designed to make sense of an uncertain future in a complex and changing environment, to facilitate wider stakeholder engagement, to challenge thinking, and to test the sector’s resilience to challenges that may lie ahead.

As part of FIA Connect, ATI’s Chief Strategy Officer James McMicking will be presenting on the ATI’s scenario planning activities. You can watch the session here. <link>