ATI and MAA announce partnership agreement at Paris Air Show 2023

MAA and ATI colleagues at Paris Air Show 2023
From left: Andrew Mair – CEO (MAA), Sophie Lane – Chief Relationships Officer (ATI), Jacqueline Castle – Chief Technology Officer (ATI)

The Aerospace Technology Institute (ATI) and Midlands Aerospace Alliance (MAA) have today launched a collaborative partnership. The agreement, signed at Paris Air Show 2023, facilitates enhanced collaboration between the two organisations for the benefit of aerospace organisations in the Midlands. 

As the UK’s flagship independent advisor and funding programme for aerospace technology, and the membership body for one of the UK’s largest regional aerospace clusters respectively, the organisations have chosen to form this agreement to maximise the benefits of collaboration. 

This agreement marks a strengthening of relations between the ATI and the regional aerospace alliances. The ATI is seeking to agree similar partnerships with other regional and devolved administration aerospace organisations for the benefit of the entire UK sector. The partnership agreement aims to provide focus, structure and opportunities to deepen collaboration, creating opportunities to work more closely on developing capability, knowledge sharing and catalysing innovation.  

Sophie Lane, Chief Relationships Officer, ATI said: “The Midlands Aerospace Alliance is an important regional body supporting a strong aerospace ecosystem. It is right that ATI looks to form closer relationships across the UK as we all work together towards Destination Zero. We look forward to partnering with the MAA team and growing our understanding of the needs of their companies and region.  We know the technology challenges of reaching Net Zero 2050 require collaboration every step of the way and this is an important part of this.”

Andrew Mair, CEO, MAA said: “Our regional cluster plays a key role in UK aerospace economy and we are delighted to be growing our relationship with the ATI with this very practical partnership agreement. I know all the UK regions want to help all their aerospace companies work more closely with the ATI and the MAA’s partnership agreement is an important step in that direction.”

ATI and MAA colleagues at Paris Air Show 2023
From left: Sophie Lane, Chief Relationships Officer – ATI, David Farrow, Technology Manager – MAA, Andrew Mair, CEO – MAA, Sarah Walker, Aerospace UP Programme Manager – University of Nottingham, Jacqueline Castle, CTO – ATI

The agreement commits both parties to: 

  • Regularly, openly and honestly share information.  
  • Formally consult the other party as part of strategy processes or publication of major strategy documents that concern the aerospace industry.  
  • Ensure both parties consistently invite each other to their respective events. 
  • Engage key stakeholders in the Midlands jointly and collaboratively wherever possible. 
  • Hold joint events where there is clear rationale and appetite on both sides.  
  • Promote each-other’s activities to our shared networks.  
  • Strive to present a shared vision to senior policymakers on the case for public investment in aerospace R&D. 
  • Consult and/or inform the other party where we perceive potential overlapping or duplicating ATI and MAA activities, 

To view the full document, please click here.

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