ATI launches new global market forecast tool

Launched today, the ATI’s Market Model Online Tool is a free-to-use digital platform that provides data on global market forecasts on the journey to Net Zero 2050.

Once registered, you can use the tool to explore potential scenarios for new commercial aircraft deliveries around the world over the next four decades as well as forecasted demand for assemblies, systems and constituent components.

The ATI’s new Market Model Online Tool will help organisations navigate the supply and demand challenge in the aerospace sector’s transition to low- and zero-carbon technologies while offering insights on the commercial and economic opportunities this represents.

The different economic and market scenarios provided offer a detailed and independent view of the sector based on various assumptions that can help inform strategic decisions and identify potential opportunities within the global civil aerospace sector. These scenarios are linked to publications that the ATI has produced such as the ATI’s Technology Strategy Destination Zero and FlyZero market reports.

ATI CEO Gary Elliott said: “The Market Model Online Tool is another example of the ATI’s support for the UK aerospace sector offering valuable insights to inform strategy and long-term planning in our shared mission to reach Destination Zero.

“From today, colleagues across aerospace and academia can access a rich source of data to input into their own strategic decisions, identify growth opportunities and inform their applications for targeted investment through the ATI Programme and other funding streams.”

The tool contains data relating to the total global market based on new aircraft deliveries as well as a global systems and component level view. A variety of filters and classification options can be applied to give easy access to the data most relevant to you.

Market scenarios available to explore now are:

  • A ‘market baseline’ scenario which is aligned to the ATI’s Technology Strategy, Destination Zero.
  • A ‘conservative scenario’ which looks at a regional-first zero-carbon emission aircraft with unaccelerated ambition.
  • An ambitious ‘midsize-first scenario’, with the accelerated introduction of a midsize zero-carbon emission aircraft ahead of a narrowbody or regional, in line with the scenario presented in the FlyZero reports.

To register for free today, visit the ATI Tools portal where you’ll also find the Fixed Trade Calculator and National Infrastructure Database. Please note you must meet eligibility requirements to access ATI Tools.

The market scenarios presented in the Market Model Online Tool reflect previously published ATI Technology Strategy and FlyZero data. They do not take into account announcements and/or information made available since the publication of these resources that may materially affect the ATI Market Model inputs and assumptions. The exchange rate currently used may differ to that used when the ATI Technology Strategy and FlyZero findings were published, consequently showing different market value outputs. The ATI periodically reviews data and market forecasts and will update the Market Model Online Tool to reflect this once available. Registered users will be notified by email when changes to the data are made.