Nour Eid • 24.05.23 • 2 min read

Engaging with the Hydrogen Capability Network

The ATI’s Hydrogen Capability Network was launched in April, and the team has been engaging with the wider community to see how we can collaborate with organisations affiliated with hydrogen technology development in aerospace.

You may have seen or even completed our initial engagement survey – a big thank you to everyone who did! The response was excellent, and we received information from over 150 unique organisations. The response represents the diversity of stakeholders we know will be fundamental for engagement in shaping a future HCN who we are excited to engage with.

We were pleased to see a variety of responses on how organisations would like to shape the future of the HCN.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be reaching out to the organisations who have completed the form and we’ll be inviting them to workshops, one-to-one discussions or a more detailed requirements questionnaire.

Although the deadline to complete the form to inform stakeholders for our first tranche of engagement was earlier this month, if you would like to respond on behalf of your organisation, you can still complete our engagement form or email us.