FlyZero as a strategic priority for the UK

Chris Gear, Project Director for FlyZero, puts the research project in the context of the UK’s strategic priorities for a net-zero future

We heard this week from the Prime Minister that supporting “research projects for zero-emission planes” is one of his Government’s priorities to tackle climate change and ensure the UK can meet its 2050 net-zero target.

The Prime Minister’s vision is clear: “We will make the UK the home of green planes”.

More detail followed in ‘The Ten Point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution’ policy paper – with a specific reference to the Government’s support for FlyZero.

FlyZero is the Government-funded research project looking at the technologies that will be needed to make zero carbon-emission flight a reality.

The project is led by the ATI – but we will be leveraging world-class expertise from across UK industry, academia and research organisations.

That expertise could be in aerospace or it could be in any of the disruptive technologies that the study will look at: hydrogen, lithium-ion batteries, electric motors, electric power management and energy storage, to name just a few.

We are building a team of secondees – with a range of technical, strategic, commercial and project management roles available in the first wave of recruitment.

We’re creating a safe space for collaboration and openness, and we want a diverse range of perspectives and contributions.

FlyZero is recognised as strategically important to the UK. This is your opportunity to be involved in research that will shape the UK’s capability in exciting new technologies.

To read the role descriptions and apply please visit: Vacancy board