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Hydrogen Capability Network: Global Landscaping Tender Process

The Hydrogen Capability Network plans to develop a pre-normative collaborative research proposal to boost the UK’s capabilities in cryogenic hydrogen. To support this, we are requesting bids for funded work packages: desk-based assessments of which organisations globally are active in this field, their capability and maturity, and specifically their experimental and modelling capabilities.

This webinar and associated materials define the request in more detail, including the application process and timeline. For further information please contact

Supporting documents

HCN Phase 1 Research Tendering Process Report (PDF)

This report details the tendering process and timescales for each step to enable organisations to indicate their interest in contributing to this landscaping process.

HCN Phase 1 Research Tendering Process webinar (YouTube)

In this webinar, Helen Brocklehurst, Head of Skills & Research, Hydrogen Capability Network, ATI, outlines the scope and application process.

HCN Phase 1 Research Tendering Process slides (PDF)

The slides shared in the webinar linked above are available here in PDF format.

FAQs (PDF) – we are publishing answers to all the questions being asked. This document was last updated on 2nd July 2024.

Closing date

The deadline for submission is 12th July 2024. Please contact the team at for any questions or to submit your proposal.