New ATI Toolkit now live

A new online tools platform is now available for the benefit of UK aerospace.

The ATI currently offers various online tools to support UK aerospace, including the Fixed Trade Calculator and the Market Model Online Tool. Now, these tools have been brought together on one platform accessed by single sign-on – the ATI Toolkit. 

The ATI Toolkit is a free-to-use digital platform that provides data to help the UK aerospace industry. It contains the Fixed Trade Calculator, the Market Model and the Reference Model Library. These tools enable assessment of individual technologies at aircraft level, provide perspectives on markets and demand for aviation products until 2050 and provide reference models that allow UK industry to collaborate on IP neutral models.  

The interface has been improved for ease of use and the results can be used to support applications to the ATI Programme. 

For more information on the ATI Toolkit and to register for access, please visit the webpage: