ATI comms • 03.05.23 •  4 mins

Paris Air Show 2023: ATI reveals organisations selected to exhibit

The ATI is heading to Paris Air Show 2023, and we’re taking with us ten of the UK’s innovative and ambitious organisations to be part of our first ever stand at the event. In collaboration with ADS as part of Paris Air Show’s Start Me Up Scheme, the ATI has selected ten organisations to showcase and make new connections with the international aerospace community.

If you’re attending the show, visit the ATI stand in the UK Pavilion where you’ll have the opportunity to meet with our team, plus the following ten organisations selected to exhibit:



AdaptixNDE Digital Tomosynthesis technology offers portable, 3D X-ray, for composite and metal additive manufacturing in routine inspection providing 3D internal imaging akin to Computed Tomography (CT) with the deploy-ability and ease-of-use of ultrasonics. Their technology delivers faster, more mobile and less intrusive diagnostic imaging compared to CT scanning owing to its top-down, in-situ usability.

AI Build

Ai Build is a London-based additive manufacturing software company. Their AiSync software automates the generation of production ready 3D print files to provide fast, efficient and predictable additive manufacturing. Robotic and gantry 3D printing systems use polymers and metals in a process which is monitored, controlled, measured and optimised across machine fleets.

Archangel Imaging

Archangel Imaging looks to make machines more reliable teammates by developing AI-powered drone-based imaging solutions, edge AI platforms, and analytics software. The team is interested in solving critical engineering problems and creating turnkey solutions that help governments and businesses address the United Nations’ sustainable development goals at a scale.


BeyondMath is taking an AI-first approach to simulating the physical world, applying some of the most recent developments in AI to solve problems in numerical simulation, starting with CFD, and transforming the speed at which systems and products are designed and engineered.


Evolito is making all-electric flight a commercial reality with world-leading lightweight, high power direct-drive electric propulsion solutions. The team is driven by a shared passion for engineering excellence and sustainable mobility. Utilising unique technology and experience from YASA, enables Evolito to fast-track the adoption of electric propulsion in aerospace.


Fluxart is developing a lightweight, true zero emissions motor for aviation, leveraging superconducting. The team is accelerating the disruptive use of Cryogenic Motors and Drives to deliver unprecedented aircraft propulsion performance and sustainability.

Progressive Technology

Specialising in advanced multi-axis machining, fully finished carbon components, structural foams, and metal additive manufacturing, the Progressive Technology Group is an award-winning, sub-contract engineering company manufacturing precision parts.


TISICS develops greener and cheaper aircraft and spacecraft components using advanced materials to accelerate the transition to Net Zero. A world-leader in aluminium composites, titanium composites and net shape forming, TISICS designs and manufactures lightweight components delivering 50% mass reduction on existing parts and 70% on future system designs.

Ultima Forma

Ultima Forma is an advanced engineering firm with proprietary electroforming technology for addressing industry net zero challenges. Ultima Forma has developed a novel manufacturing process that can create complex 3D multi-material components with locally-tailored nano-engineered properties. The team can produce components with shapes and material properties not currently possible with conventional manufacturing methods.


WAAM3D is the only provider of a total, turnkey solution for additive manufacturing delivered via a Wire+Arc Additive Manufacturing (WAAM) ecosystem. This ecosystem is based on in-house developed products (large scale metal 3D printers, CAM and Control software), services (training, life cycle assessment technology transfer, industrialization), and materials. WAAM3D is helping aerospace designers to increase design freedom, reduce costs and shorten lead times for medium-to-large sized components made from alloys of titanium, aluminium, iron, nickel and many others.

These ten selected organisations will showcase some of the next-generation technology that is supporting the aerospace sector to achieve its sustainability commitments, plus they will share their ambitions for the next stage of their evolution. With specialisms including software, simulation, manufacturing techniques and propulsion solutions, these organisations are demonstrating how agile innovation, collaboration and vision are essential in unlocking the sector’s future and powering the journey to Destination Zero.

“Aerospace is a key sector that stands the most to gain from large-format additive manufacturing. Because of this, we are thrilled to join the ATI at the Paris Air show, be part of the discussion and illustrate how that potential can be unlocked.” Guy Brown, Head of R&D, AI Build

“We are excited to showcase how our revolutionary axial-flux electric motor & controller technology, spun out from YASA Ltd, is set to accelerate the future of electric air mobility. By placing propulsions systems at the core of electric aircraft design and volume manufacture, we will be able to transform towns and cities with clean, noise-free electric transportation at scale.” Chris Harris, Co-Founder and CEO, Evolito

“Progressive Technology is excited to showcase its uniquely wide range of rapid prototyping capabilities at the 2023 Paris Air Show. We are looking forward to widening our connection network across the European and US aerospace design, engineering and procurement community.” Chris French-Drayton, Progressive Technology.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be showcasing each organisation on our social media channels so you can find out more about their technology, vision and potential collaboration opportunities. If you’re attending Paris Air Show and want to engage with some of the most exciting organisations on the UK stage, drop by the ATI stand in the UK Pavilion. We look forward to seeing you there!