FlyZero concepts and technology roadmaps land

FlyZero aircraft over wind turbines

The final FlyZero aircraft concepts have landed together with the technology roadmaps setting out the pathway for the accelerated introduction of hydrogen powered aircraft.

Three next-generation aircraft concepts have been created as part of the FlyZero project to help understand and demonstrate the potential of zero-carbon emission technologies in aviation. The regional, narrowbody and midsize concepts examine the cutting-edge technologies required to realise hydrogen powered flight while the FlyZero technology roadmaps also published today set out the rapid development required to bring these aircraft into operation.

The concepts also highlight the crucial future technology opportunities for the UK and additionally, each has its own specific objectives. The FlyZero regional aircraft is designed to demonstrate the feasibility of a fuel cell-powered aircraft, while the narrowbody explores how hydrogen could replace carbon-based fuels in the largest and most competitive commercial aviation sector. Finally, the FlyZero midsize assesses the potential for hydrogen to cover long-haul routes, overturning the view that hydrogen aircraft would be limited to shorter routes.

FlyZero has also identified and investigated six key technology bricks which require development at pace to unlock liquid hydrogen flight together with enabling technologies. These are: hydrogen fuel systems and tank, hydrogen gas turbines, hydrogen fuel cells, electrical propulsion systems, aerodynamic structures and thermal management.

These technology development requirements and the opportunity for the UK to secure its part in delivering them, are outlined in the FlyZero Technology Roadmaps report. In addition to the six hydrogen technology bricks, seven cross cutting technologies are critical to ensuring the accelerated introduction of hydrogen aircraft and associated reduction in carbon emissions.

Each technology has its own roadmap with major findings and integration steps outlined in the Technology Roadmaps report.

The reports published today form part of the FlyZero outputs which will help shape the future of global aviation with the intention of gearing up the UK to stand at the forefront of sustainable flight in design, manufacture, technology and skills for years to come.

A series of more detailed and technical reports together with supporting research from industry and academia are available to organisations that meet the requirements of an access test.

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