Paul Griffiths

ATI Board Director

The Board

Paul leads the BEIS Aerospace team that is responsible for working with industry to promote a healthy, productive aerospace industry which is well placed to succeed in export markets now and in future. He represents BEIS on the AGP and Aerospace Technology Institute boards and oversees the £1.9bn government has committed to the ATI and a portfolio of Repayable Launch Investment.

Previously, he held various roles including:

– Deputy Head of Transatlantic and International Unit, responsible for UK interests in the EU-US free trade agreement negotiations and coordinating on international issues for BIS.

– Head of Competition Regime Branch, responsible for reforming the governance of the UK competition authorities and sponsoring the new Competition and Markets Authority.

– Head of Spending Regime Branch, responsible for coordinating the Department’s engagement with the Treasury’s biannual spending review process.

He also held various roles in HM Treasury, including Head of International Financial Institutions Branch and Head of Defence Modernisation Branch, has worked for Deloitte Corporate Finance, and qualified as a barrister and solicitor in Ontario.