FlyZero: An environment for innovation

The FlyZero team members were not only passionate about decarbonising aviation, they were also keen to deliver a comprehensive and game-changing set of final results in a short timeframe.

Made up of 90 colleagues from 13 contributing companies as well as independent industry specialists, the FlyZero team represented the breadth of talent across UK aerospace. Launching during the COVID-19 pandemic, team members worked remotely across the UK presenting a range of challenges for a newly formed team with a specific goal and a short project timeline.

This one-of-a-kind project required a unique approach including a ‘no company badge’ culture with shared values under the FlyZero charter. FlyZero’s Innovation and Project Management report provides an insight into the agile ways of working used by team members to support its dynamic, fast-paced development timeline.

The workflow was also backed by a flexible project management strategy, capable of switching between agile and traditional techniques to suit the activities of each phase. Small, dynamic cross-functional teams working on specific activities called ‘sprints’ enabled a large number of topics to be covered in the project’s short timeline and supported the inclusion of sustainability, commercial and industrial considerations at every step of the development process.

While the ongoing COVID-19 environment limited face-to-face engagement and necessitated remote working practices, a strong internal communications culture was put in place to build a team engagement and ensure an optimal collaborative working environment to achieve the project objectives

To find out more, read the Innovation and Project Management report.